Disposable Placemats - Happy Owls - 60 Count

Suessie Disposable Placemats keep your little ones safe from germs when eating out. Quick and easy to use, they'll make your life easier by creating a clean and fun eating surface for your children.

  • Placemets are conveniently in 3 bags of 20 for a total of 60 disposable placemats
  • Protection from germs in restaurants and food courts that are susceptible to bacteria
  • Large size of 12 X 18 inches ensures more room for eating and less room for germs
  • 4 adhesive sides so you can be confident the placemat will stay in place
  • Placemcats are made from BPA Free and Eco-Friendly plastics, therefore safe for your child
  • Playful design will keep your kids entertained so you can eat in peace
  • Each placemat comes individually folded making it easy to pull just one out of the packĀ 
  • Easy to use - simply remove the adhesive strips and press onto an eating surface