2-in-1 Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover

Available in 5 unique colors! Keep your little one safe from unwanted germs with Suessie’s 2-in-1 Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover. It’s a must for parents wanting to keep their children safe from germs when on the go.

Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

Tired of carrying a large, heavy diaper bag? Looking for something lightweight that holds your baby essentials and helps you stay organized? Keep it simple with a Suessie Fanny Pack Diaper Bag.

Disposable Placemats - 60 count

Available in 2 fun designs! Suessie Disposable Placemats keep your little ones safe from germs when eating out. Quick and easy to use, they'll make your life easier by creating a clean and fun eating surface.

Portable Diaper Changing Station

Keep your baby clean, safe and dry while on the go with Suessie's Diaper Changing Station. With an additional bonus loop for attaching toys, your baby will be happy and distracted during diaper changes.